Chiropractic Success Stories and Testimonials

Over the decades, I've come to rely on chiropractic to keep me "sorted out"-- moving freely, with minimal or no pain. At 60, this takes a bit more attention than when I was younger. Dr. Ross has been extremely helpful dealing with a couple of issues that popped up over the last few years. One is lower back pain--what my dad would call "a hitch in your getalong"--that keeps me from moving with comfort and the speed at which I prefer to move. Another extremely troublesome problem was pain in my foot that made it impossible for me to walk any distance wthout limping. I tried lots of inexpensive orthotics, and two sets of very expensive orthotics, and the result was only increasing pain and difficulty doing my daily work. Dr. Ross suggested I try the company she uses, which, coupled with Dr. Ross's treatment, provided very good improvement.

I cannot praise her intelligence and sensitivity enough. She is constantly on the lookout for the best ways to serve each patient, whether it's adjustments, cold laser treatment, exercises, or supplements.  Her treatment allows me to keep up with the life I want to live.

----Karen L.

Chiropractic Care literally in Dr. Ross's hands…

I am a skeptic.  Mid term in life and raised to "just get over those aches and pains", I looked upon Chiropractic Medicine as something equivalent to snake oil with hypochondriacs.  I am pleased to report, after a little more than a year of care  - my adjustments has been in both attitude and skeletal.

Chiropractic care has some interesting side effects.  I no longer consistently wince getting out of bed in the morning.  I am newly conscious of posture and body position, quite possibly preventing further damage.  I back my car out of the driveway with out painful neck turning twinges. Dr. Allison Ross invites me to discuss my body complaints and then is immediately proactive in my behalf - Spinal adjustments in the office, suggested exercises and body repositioning that can easily fit into and ultimately enhance my life style.

As a science based person, I am treated to rationale for adjustments that are firmly based in human physiology.  All questions are answered with grace and knowledge, and should a question arise that Dr. Ross needs more information on to completely answer, the researched response awaits me in my next appointment.  Muscles and spine and the holistic therapy of treating the whole patient  - it's like a medical spa treatment.  Dr. Ross could have a sign in her window proclaiming" Body and Attitude adjusted here! "

Michelle S.

I was so happy to be out of pain after my first visit that I just had to write.

I wanted to thank you for doing a wonderful job on my leg. It had been bothering me for a few months now and the Acupuncture treatments didn't help.
During the treatments you taught me new stretching technique's and how to use a pillow for my legs. I am now getting a full night sleep because of your advise. Thank You so much.
I would highly recommend your office to any one who asks.

Pain free gal

In October of 2008 I was on vacation in Kentucky ATV riding. Out of nowhere I experienced the most awful pain down my right side. I have experienced lower back problems for about 18 years. Hunched over & a lot of Motrin for 3 days was my treatment. This was different....pain like I had never experienced before. I Went to Dr Ross for an examination & treatment of sciatica. This was the pain on my right side. Also, xrays showed I had degenerative arthritis of the lower back. Once the results were in Dr Ross has provided me with excellent care & some daily exercises and stretches to help prevent this from reoccurring. This has motivated me I now realize I have to do the work & listen to my body. Proper lifting and bending & most importantly proper "shoes". Okay this has been the hardest!! I just know now pick those "strappy heels" for the right occasions & not 8-5 Monday thru Friday!! I just wanted to take a minute to let someone know Dr Ross really knows her stuff. If you have experienced any sort of back problems & know the discomfort this brings, find out the reason why!!! My back problems were never going to go away without finding out why and what I needed to do to help expedite my recovery!! It's been 6 of months of treatment and have not been pain free since!!!
Thank you Dr Ross!!!
Dawn. B

Dr. Ross has helped me so much because when I first started seeing her my spine was out of alignment, and I had twisted my wrist rollerblading.  She taught me how to keep myself in proper spine alignment with exercises and to wear elbow, and knee pads, and wrist guards, when I roller blade.    I want to keep seeing her because I'm very active and sometimes I hurt myself or I get out of alignment.
She's a very good chiropractor and I would recommend her.
God Bless You Dr. Ross!
Jamie. L (Age: 10yrs)

I have felt so much better since I began seeing Dr. Ross! Since I was a teenager, I've had pain in my hips and stiffness when sitting for long periods. After the first couple of sessions, I noticed it was no longer a problem. I have also felt better in other areas of my back, neck and overall more balanced. Dr. Ross is very knowledgeable about the latest in Chiropractic care and technology and seems to continually research, and practice techniques to meet patient's needs. I am grateful that she also focuses on doing muscle work, since muscle tension is a big problem for me, and by relaxing my muscles before adjustments it helps the adjustments go better. I would highly recommend Dr. Ross to friends, family and anyone interested in learning more about chiropractic care! 
--Emily. T

Chiropractic Care, where would I be without it? 
I am a firm believer in helping my body heal itself.  I believe that my body is an awesome healing machine and why not help it heal on its own and to me Chiropractic care is one of the modalities that helps my body get back into synch, with its own natural healing abilities.  I just recently turned 48 yrs. old and for my b-day I just went skydiving - I don't think that if I had not been in the natural way of healing that I would have even thought about going skydiving.  If I wasn't doing anything healthy for my body there's no way I would have even attempted such an adventure at this age!! 
I have had MD's take a look at my back and so many of them wanted to give me surgery but because I am scared to death of being cut up I chose the other route.  Granted, it is not a quick fix and it does take much longer to that point of stability, but I truly believe that I am better off for it in the long run.  Overall, I just feel so much better after a good adjustment along with other natural healings that I do for myself i.e. massage, acupuncture, exercise, nutrition etc. In today's society we are so much into the quick fix but for me I prefer taking the natural healing process.  I'm a firm believer that I can help my body heal any of its ailments!!  What do you believe?  
Don't take it from me - try it you might like it!!  
Filomena. M

I have suffered for years with headaches and neck stiffness.   More recently I had developed tendonitis in my elbow, this prevented me from golfing. Spinal adjustments helped to treat my headaches and the cold laser therapy successfully treated my tendonitis.  I rarely have to take Alleve or any other pain medication.  And now I am back to golfing almost every weekend!!!   Thanks Dr. Ross
Leo. B

 I went to see Dr. Ross for pain I was having on my wrist since November 2007. My Primary doctor told me it was tendonitis, take 800mg ibuprofen and wear a wrist stabilizer to limit movement, eventually the pain will go away. Several months later the pain was still there.  I then decided to try a different approach, that when I saw Dr. Ross.  Dr.  Ross recommended laser treatment on my wrist. After the 1st treatment, I already noticed a great improvement.  It took five treatments total and my wrist pain was gone.  
Anita. P


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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have suffered for years with headaches and neck stiffness. More recently I had developed tendonitis in my elbow, this prevented me from golfing. Spinal adjustments helped to treat my headaches and the cold laser therapy successfully treated my tendonitis. I rarely have to take Alleve or any other pain medication. And now I am back to golfing almost every weekend!!! Thanks Dr. Ross"
    Leo. B